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Maxwell and Friends Pet Space. A Message From The Editors.

Welcome to Maxwell and Friends Pet Space!

Welcome to Maxwell and Friends Pet Space!  We’re glad  you’re here!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Denise and I am Maxwell’s mom. Maxwell, (Max for short) is my 13 yr. old black Lab and the reason I am writing this blog.  If he had opposable thumbs, he’d probably be writing this himself, and after reading this blog for awhile, you’ll see why.  My partner, Chris Chriss, is “Mom” to Harley, an 11 yr. old chocolate Lab and Chica, a 13 yr. old Yellow Lab, and together with Max, they are real the stars of our show.

Our Mission

Owning a pet is fun and rewarding.  Chris and I are here to share our experiences and bring the best benefits of pet ownership right to your inbox.  Pet ownership also comes with responsibility…and lots of it.  Like our kids, our pets rely on us to ensure their quality of life.

Every pet has a personality.  Some, even more than humans. But the one thing we can be sure of is that our pets have ONLY one goal in life, and that is to please us!  Shouldn’t we make every attempt to return the favor?  I mean, in today’s world, what is “unconditional love” really worth anyway?

Your Benefits

The best way to care for your pet is to gain as much information and knowledge as possible to ensure that you do everything possible to make your pet as comfortable and well cared for as you can.  Knowing what  your pets needs are is first and foremost to being a good creature “mom or dad”, and  Maxwell and Friends Pet Space is the place to go to get the information you need to do just that.

Get the best information on:

  • Pet Food and Nutrition.  Find out what Fido should be eating and where to get it at the best prices around.
  • Max, Harley, and Chica will taste test the best tasty treats and let you know which tasty morsels work best…we guarantee this service to be accurate! :)
  • Reviews of the latest, greatest toys on the market.  From safety to just silly fun, see what the posh pets are playing with this season!
  • Training tips for keeping your favorite friends in line.
  • Healthy Pets are Happy Pets!  Keep your pets healthy and safe by knowing what’s best for your animal.  Get safety and health tips from the experts.  Don’t second guess the answers when it comes to your best friend!
  • Travel Tips – Traveling with your pet can be a great experience… you don’t want to remember!  Make some great memories by being prepared.  We’ll show you how!
  • Apparel, Wardrobe, and more…for you AND your pet!  Today’s pets have more clothing, accessories, and gadgets than our kids.  Find out what’s worth looking at and what’s not.  We’ll do the homework so you don’t have to!

Maxwell and Friends Pet Space is dedicated to the comfort and happiness of all pets, whether furry, feathered, or even finned!  That’s right…if it pertains to your pet, we will talk about it here.

Register now so you don’t miss a single article.  From Chris’s hilarious escapades to Denise’s top picks for products and accessories, you owe it to yourself and your pets to make sure you stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not!



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